Every year Romero Center Ministries presents a variety of awards to people we have found to embody our mission and that make a  point of living out the Gospel.  At this year’s lecture we presented awards to two great individuals.

Good Seed Good Soil Award

This year’s Good Seed Good Soil Award goes to a young man who took his experience in the Urban Challenge at the Romero Center to heart.  Tommy Moynahan came to the Urban Challenge with Boston College High School in the summer of 2013.  When hiszoom_photo225295_2367339 graduation came in the spring of 2014, he and his family redirected all his Graduation gifts towards Romero Center Ministries.  We thought that this was an incredibly generous way for him to respond to his experience and to help continue our mission for his fellow students that would come that summer.  When asked what his memories were of the Urban Challenge, he spoke fondly of the food exercise and playing sports with the kids from, LUCY, Lifting Up Camden’s Youth.  As with most first year college students, Tommy isn’t sure exactly where his life will lead, but he is certain though that he will do what he can to help close the gap of inequalities that he witnessed on the Urban Challenge.

The Larry DiPaul Social Justice Educator Award

The Larry DiPaul Social Justice Educator Award, is named in honor of a former Director of Romero Center Ministries.  Larry had a strong passion for teaching people about a Gospel that responded to the social issues of our lives, especially the most poor and vulnerable among us.  The recipient for this award is a missionary sister who has come to this country to live a life committed to those in most need among us.  In her work at Holy Cross Parishrl-graciela-rosas  in Bridgeton, Sr. Graciela Rosas can often be found involved in the typical parish ministries: Small Faith Communities, Religious education, Sacramental prep, Liturgical Ministry.  But Sister  Graciela can also be found accompanying her parishioners to doctor’s appointments to act as a translator.  She can be found at the door steps of congressmen praying for equal rights for our undocumented brothers and sisters.  She recently planned a social action for immigrant rights as well. She holds workshops in the parish to teach community members their rights as immigrants. Sister Graciela absolutely embodies the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her life and her teachings. And she is celebrating 50 years as a sister this year as well.  Let us be clear on one thing:  She insists that this award is not for her but for her entire community.  So please join me in honoring Sr. Graciela Rosas and the Missionary Daughters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary.