Romero Center Ministries was founded on March 24, 1998, on the 18th anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Oscar Romero of El Salvador. St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral parish converted an empty convent in its campus with a vision for an urban retreat center that would ground people in Jesus’ call to serve the poor among us.

Romero Center Ministries began with the intention of bringing the Church community to Camden to experience an enlightened conversion and commitment. We wanted young people to see that there is both opportunity and challenge in the work of the Church. We wanted adults to understand their role in bringing about a societal commitment to end poverty and discrimination in our world.

From the very beginning we’ve told participants that the most important thing that will happen on these experiences is not what they will do
for others, but what others will do for them. In the words of Saint Romero: “We learn to see the face of Christ – the face of Christ that also is the face of a suffering human being, the face of the crucified, the face of the poor, the face of a saint, and the face of every person – and we love each one with the criteria with which we will be judged: ‘I was hungry and you gave me to eat’” (Oscar Romero, Reflections on His Life).


Based in Camden, NJ, Romero Center Ministries provides Catholic education and retreat experiences inspired by Saint Oscar Romero’s prophetic witness.

We seek personal, communal, and societal transformation by living ministry as proclaimed in Christ’s Gospel.

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