Romero Center Ministries is introducing a new program in Spanish for the Latino community. The program, “Project Dignitas” is rooted in the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, with a special focus on the teaching about the life and dignity of the human person.

Archbishop Oscar Romero devoted the end of his life to those who were crucified in the villages of El Salvador, with hope that they would move from crucifixion to resurrection. Inspired by his prophetic witness, Project Dignitas prayerfully invites participants to understand how Christ suffers in their communities that they may journey with Christ through the Paschal Mystery and into resurrection.

This program is specially designed with the particular circumstances of the Hispanic community in mind. Thus, we invite participants to reflect on the presence of God in their lives at certain moments in their lives such as when taking the decision to leave their birth place, during the challenges of adapting to a new culture, and the call to put their faith into action in their new home. The following are some of the components of Project Dignitas:

  • A reflection on how the principle of the dignity of the human applies to the lives of program participants.
  • An activity to better understand and discuss unjust structures of our society.
  • Service immersion with the homeless community in Camden, NJ.
  • A theological reflection, including a social analysis and the call of faith to respond to situations of injustice.
  • A specific exploration of the particular ways God may be calling program participants to work for justice in their local communities.

Some of the groups that have participated in this program are RCIA, catechists, peace and justice committees, leaders of Hispanic ministry, community organizing leaders, and church groups wanting to learn more about Catholic Social Teaching and Social Justice.

If you have a group that would like to participate, we can adapt the program to your group’s needs. The Project Dignitas can be adapted to a weekend retreat, a daylong retreat, and a series of weekly sessions.

We received local funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for this project. For that reason, the cost of the program is very affordable. We also provide childcare for the day- long format.

We are very excited about this new program. We would be thrilled to meet with you to talk more about it— please do not hesitate to contact Teresa Reyes at your convenience:
856.964.9777, ext. 602