“I would recommend the Urban Challenge because of the variety of experiences it provides.  From the service, to the activities, to the reflections, everything was closely linked together.”

  • Junior, St. John’s College High School (DC)


“Great experience to enable you to challenge yourself in a safe and relaxing environment.  Great way to widen your circle by being exposed to a variety of service events.  Love the format and how well-run the entire week was.”

  • Chaperone, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (MD)


“It has changed my view of the stereotypes of Camden and the people who live in it.  It opened my eyes to new opportunities to serve, especially enjoying the ones that pertained to my major.  I had a very positive experience here with the staff.  They were all very warm and welcoming.”

  • Senior, Alvernia University (PA)


“The Urban Challenge forces you out of your comfort zone.  Anytime you do that, you grow as a person.  You also realize how important it is to actually serve people in need.  I believe that the program continuously changes and improves.  In the five times that I have come, the staff does a great job mixing it up.”

  • Chaperone, Fordham Prep (NY)


“It was amazing because one was inspired to live out the authentic message of the Gospel in concrete ways!  Would highly recommend!”

  • Senior, Fontbonne Academy (MA)


“I believe the Urban Challenge calls us to reach out to serve others in our society.  It makes us reconsider how we treat other people.  I enjoy discussing our day and praying to debrief our experiences.”

  • Junior, Our Lady of Good Counsel High School (MD)


“I think it gave true meaning to knowing the poor.  Camden is looked at as having nothing but crime and violence, but the people are full of life and hope.  I loved meeting people from all over the country.”

  • Senior, St. Ignatius College Preparatory School (CA)


“I would definitely recommend the Urban Challenge because the experiences I had were unforgettable and will hopefully impact my actions for the rest of my life.”

  • Senior, Xavier High School (CT)


“I would endorse this experience to friends and colleagues.  The program feels like it is at its best!”

  • Chaperone, Fordham Prep (NY)